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Woke up this morning and planned on finishing up a big post, but then I fell back asleep for two and a half hours.

Which has pretty much been the story of my life these last few weeks. Whenever I do anything fun or active, I basically have to recover with three times the amount of time it took. But that is the way it goes I guess, and that is the way it might be around these parts for the indefinite future, just a general slowing down.

So on that note, I figured I’d just share what is going on, where my head is at. I hit thirty-seven weeks this past weekend, so we’re getting very close to that early July due date. The blessing and curse of that due date and my career (as a high school English teacher) is that while school let out over two weeks ago, I’ve had nothing but time to prepare (and over-think). I am a huge planner, organizer, controller, and I had to devote myself to finishing out school first, and then allow myself the month of June to get all my ducks in a row. Each week has been blessed with moments of panic, where I get overwhelmed with the thought that nothing is getting done, followed by the creation of a to do list where those things ultimately do get done. My life is a living richter scale.

But even with all that, there have been a bunch of awesome plans this month – two super generous showers for the babe, one lovely bridal shower for my dearest friend, us hosting one last dinner party for our friends before the babe, me hosting craft club for the girls before the babe – and I am so glad that all have come and gone and were a total blast. It honestly reminds me how lucky am I with everything that is going on.

So today I just wanted to share a few snaps from my last shower yesterday. I have a group of girlfriends who live all over the place – Nashville, Louisville, Lexington, Chicago – and they all came in town for the weekend to celebrate. Having those gals in town with the rest of the gang who I run with on the daily made for a pretty awesome little gathering. Everyone is so sweet and funny and personable and thoughtful that I honestly had such a blast. Plus, it was held at my most favorite spot, Red Feather, which meant not only did I get to spend time with those that I love, I also got pancakes. Win win.

friends shower

Now, the blog is by no means packing it in for an extended maternity leave. I do have a number of posts in the wings, which includes the above teaser from the craft club last week, which is coming up here shortly.

dining roomPlus, there is also the other half of the home renovation, which features not only this awesome dining room set, but the big dinner party we hosted, complete with Frontgate settings that I cannot wait to show off…do stay tuned!

And of course where will be a baby to show off. Since we do not know what we are having and I’ve only had one midpoint ultrasound, I am just as excited as you are to see how this all turns out. It’s going to be a total trip.

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