the wabash lights

This is going to seem like a stretch, but bear with me.

I think a lot about what it means to be an adult. And I always catch myself in these moments when I realize that I am an adult. But it is not in the kind of moments that would make sense.

For example, I am potentially days away from giving birth to a person and yet that doesn’t even register as an example of me being an adult. I live in a house that my husband and I own. We pay a mortgage. I carry our insurance. I have degrees and a career. I am going to turn thirty next year. But none of that really weighs on me and proves I am an adult. Sometimes I’m still like no, not yet.

But then there are times when I’ve made myself pancakes for dinner for the second time in a week and I’m eating them on my couch and it hits me. I made that decision because I can make that decision. Or when I realize my twenty-something friends are going through the same kinds of things my parents’ fifty-something friends are going through and I think, shoot, I am there.

But what really ultimately makes me feel the best about being an adult is seeing others make something for themselves, watching people I know come up with massive ideas and commit to making them happen. Not only has this blog allowed me to learn and work with many of these kinds of stories, but pretty much everyone that I surround myself with, those in my closest circle especially, do not just waste time living average lives. Everyone is smart and driven and motivated. It is awesome. It is the best kind of adult.

So with that, I’ve been very into following and supporting The Wabash Lights. This is the brainchild of Seth Unger (my friend thanks to being my friend Sally’s boyfriend) and Jack C Newell, who have recently launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the beta test of their already approved public art installation in Chicago. Their idea, which is awesome and innovative, is to bring a programmable and interactive light installation to the Wabash Avenue elevated train tracks in Chicago’s loop. I can go on and on, but their site and video obviously paints the picture perfectly, so I would just encourage you to check it out.

Contributing and following this project makes me feel good about being an adult. I look forward every day to catching its progress, and since I know you will too, you’ll want to follow along on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Knowing these guys and seeing what they are able to do makes me feel like an adult. And I’d much rather it be that way than paying off some kind of adult bill.

The Wabash Lights Render_04This project is going to be insane and something that I know will be important for years to come. Get in and get in early.

Also…major shout out to my girl Sally who is responsible for these renderings. She’s so good. Hey Sal!

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