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Olivia LaneI’m not really a t-shirt kind of girl.

I mean, I want to be, yet for some reason I cannot quite get comfortable with the look.  But I do like the whole theory.  I like the idea of them with jeans, them layered under blazers, ones paired with skirts, ones with fun prints.  I do think they are great but I just cannot seem to pull them off or feel right in them.  Even this past Monday Kenny was giving me a hard time because I just couldn’t wear the one single solitary Reds tee that he got me to the Reds game itself.  I just felt frumpy.  So I went with a blue silk tank and red accents, obviously.

And then Olivia Lane came along.

Olivia Lane is an online creative studio and boutique run by three sisters, who I absolutely adore.  I’ve known these girls and their family for years and I couldn’t be more excited to showcase what they have to offer.  Like this tee.  This deliciously comfortable self-designed graphic tee.  I’ve been living it and I generally don’t like t-shirts!  But this one’s just so good.  So soft, so lightweight, so perfectly hangy, which is precisely what I feel like I can never get when trying on tees.  But these girls figured it out for me and I love them for it.

So do yourself a favor and make sure to check out Olivia Lane and all that they have to offer.  They specialize in monogramming and woodworking, but they also carry designer jewelry and sandals.  From tanks to bags, drinkware to onesies, these girls will have something you will instantly want.  And they are exactly the kinds of girls you will want to support.

Olivia Lane gray tee Olivia Lane arrow tee Olivia Lane gray arrow teeOlivia Lane tee c/o | Madewell denim and jacket c/o | Kate Spade necklace (as a gold initial) | Target sunglasses

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