the future is female 21c exhibit

There is always a cool one, but this is a particularly cool one.

21c‘s current exhibit, The Future is Female, is a showcase of female-centric art by female artists. There are boxing gloves made out of vintage wedding dresses, reproduction organs made of neon light, acrylic nail sculptures, and portraits and paintings of female identities. There is an abundance of texture and color, of technique and display, of culture and time, and every last piece honestly screams power.

Some cool friends were in town the night of the opening (sup Seth and Sal), so we made it a part of our Tour de Cinci, and it was nothing short of awesome. That night was full of energy and excitement, as there were multiple cash bars scattered throughout the museum, and a DJ hosting a dance party in one of the ball rooms. We went all in with cocktails and dancing and exhibit meandering and it was easily the most fun part of the evening.

And while that night alone was a special one, I want to encourage you all to check out this exhibit at some point. Good news is that it will be on display until the fall of next year, so there is plenty of time to catch it, but I encourage you to get there as soon as you can. 21c is just such an awesome concept and we are lucky to have it in the heart of our city. So while it is the season of plans and celebrations and fun, consider making a date to get down to the 21c, order a drink, and peruse the future that is female.

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