soothe in-home massage

After this one, I might need to be knocked down a peg.

Guess what Kenny and I did this past Sunday? Had a licensed massage therapist come to our house, set up shop in our bedroom, and give use each a sixty-minute Swedish massage. Am I joking? I am not.

This is not a drill. Soothe is a thing and it is here in Cincinnati. Again, this is a local service where you can request a massage right to your door. And the massage services are wide sweeping – Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, couple – all ranging from sixty, to ninety, to one hundred and twenty minutes. You can request a massage with as little as an hour notice, and appointments are available seven days a week, from eight in the morning to midnight. All transactions are handled via the website or app, which means no money is exchanged and tip is included. Their prices are super fair, pretty much on par with any spa, and remember, they come to you. They come to you!

Furthermore, the whole massage scenario is exactly as you’d hope and expect – massage table, clean linens, warm blanket, lotions and oils, calming music. I had this all set up in my bedroom at 11 am on a Sunday morning. I’m still laughing.

And my girl Tina worked. She asked what I had in mind and I shared that I love a good old fashion relaxing message, and that I carried my stress in my shoulders and neck. She crushed me on my tense spots and worked every single one of those kinks out. Then it was a full on, relaxing message, where I dozed on and off. Even with a wild little man banging around outside my door, I was able to enter into zen relaxation land.

After everything was all done and we were taken care of, I looked over to Kenny and asked if he would recommend. He simply stared me straight in the eyes and started laughing. That was followed with an uh, duh.

Seriously you all, treat.yo.self with an in-home Soothe massage a.s.a.p. I can’t even believe this is a real thing I can have in my life. Holy serious city.

sootheThank you Soothe for allowing me to try out your services – I cannot speak more honestly or highly enough!

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  • Reply Shelby October 25, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    Hi! Do you have a referral code through the app? I would love to try it out!

    • Reply outandoutfit October 25, 2016 at 10:43 pm

      Hey Shelby! I do not think I do, but I will follow up. Is it asking for one before moving forward? Either way, definitely check it out!

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