skinny cow tasting party

One word that is not really in my vocabulary right now? Skinny. One brand that always is though? Skinny Cow.

As a longtime lover of their Vanilla Almond Crunch bars, their Double Carmel Swirl bars, and their classic Fudge bars, I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to host a tasting party for their new flavored iced coffees. Nowadays, getting a group of gals together to throw back shots of coffee is my kind of party.

Skinny Cow Iced CoffeesThere were three flavors to try – Vanilla Latte, Creamy Cappuccino, and Mocha Latte. As far as preferences went, the party was split between two camps. One camp made up of those who like their coffee tasting like coffee, and the other who likes their coffee tasting like dessert. On behalf of the dessert drinkers, the Vanilla Latte ranked number one. While there was definitely a coffee presence, it drank more like a sweet treat, which is exactly how I like my morning coffee, hot or cold.

The coffee drinkers, who like their coffee like coffee, preferred the Creamy Cappuccino one, which did stay true to a more coffee taste. Equally as delicious as the lattes, it was creamy and satisfying. There was an odd number of testers and I’m pretty sure, statistically, this was the overall winner, but I never took a math class past Algebra II in high school so I wouldn’t trust my figuring.

Skinny Cow vanillaSkinny Cow decor cookies Skinny Cow tasting partySkinny Cow taster Skinny Cow tasters skinny cow samples Skinny Cow cappucinoAll in all, and as a coffee drinker who loves both the taste and the morning ritual, I know these Skinny Cow iced options will be making their way into my routine. Especially because there are many mornings that I wake up preferring a tasty, cold, and deliciously quick coffee option, which is exactly what Skinny Cow is serving up. Thanks Skinny Cow!

Samples and items c/o of Skinny Cow…opinions and possible new addiction all my own.

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