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I had a major date at SIA Spa this past weekend, one that made up for the appointment I had previously scheduled that had to be canceled thanks to Flunami 2017 that took me out like woah. I had so been looking forward to that original date, so you can imagine my excitement for the rescheduling.

This appointment was totally on my own accord, and I can’t help but share my experience. Previously, I have loved having the opportunity to initially try some treatments. I have loved having the opportunity to help host the SIA SPA x Thread Bloggers, Bubbles, and Blowouts event. And I have loved having SIA Spa as my spa of choice when scheduling my own special treatment treats. I can’t speak to it enough.

Given all that, it should be no secret that my service of choice is the dermaplaning. That is the treatment that I specifically seek out, and it is the move that I plan on maintaining and treating myself to whenever possible. My last two dermaplaning appointments were both coupled with a light chemical peel, but this time I combo’ed with a facial.

Now I don’t know if I’ve only had phone-it-in facials in the past, or if SIA Spa makes a point to go above and beyond, but I was personally blown away by this facial. Did you know that facials are basically massages? Okay, I didn’t, so you can imagine my Zen-ridden glee when the ambiance and amazingly relaxing work never seemed to end. Each time I assumed I was at the grand finale, another part of my body would receive some attention. Oh, you think the hot steam is the climax? No Katie, that’s when we transition to the foot massage. You think after your face has been wrapped in a pipping hot towel for the third time you’re finished? No, no, then it’s hot stone arm massage time. At one point, I was biting the inside of my cheek to keep myself from laughing because it was just so GD relaxing, spoil-some, and surprising.

The glory that is a facial may not be news to you. The fact that a facial is basically the works may not be news to you. It was, however, certainly news to me, and now it is something that I am going to consciously and strategically work into my discretionary income budget because it is just so dang good. I walked out of there the happiest I’ve been since the presidential campaign trail kicked off in late 2015.

And finally a note about the esthetician, Kelli, who was amazing. My original appointment was scheduled with my OG Wendy, but I was only available again this past Saturday and she was not. But Kelli too was so great that she deserves a virtual high five. Now having had multiple experiences, with multiple magicians, I am confident and comfortable that you can do no wrong with looking for anything at SIA Spa.

So if you are continuing to feel stressed in the 2016 hangover that is 2017 so far, you know where to go and you know what to do.

above is me enjoying the relaxation room beforehand, but note that the free high resolution photo used for the featured image was found here

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