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Banana Republic shortsI’m coming to you from vacation and couldn’t be more excited. My entire family (grandparents on down) picked up and headed to the beach for the week, the first of this kind in fifteen years. Rage City.

But this look deserves to kick off the week. Again, it is totally and completely abiding by my rule of legs or arms, never both. I got these shorts from Banana Republic for zero dollars. That’s right. Between some rewards money and a birthday discount, these rang up for nothing. I laughed the second I left the store, playing it cool at the register lest it be a mistake.

And it’s hard to tell, but the print on the shorts is actually elephants. I love elephants so if they can appear over and over again on my shorts, I’ll take them. Fo free!

silk blouse and printed shorts Madewell blouse and Banana Republic shorts Kate Spade bag statement necklace with shortsMadewell blouse (a great sale version) | Banana Republic shorts | necklace from a boutique in Charleston (turquoise version on GLIT) | Kate Spade bag | H&M sunglasses (do me a favor and get the real deal)

images by Annie Jagoditz (special thanks for helping me out in a pinch!)

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  • Reply Tori McKimm June 23, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    These are beyond adorable :) And free-can’t beat that ha! It sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation!


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