shopbop seasonal sale

The season of sales is upon us.

Shopbop, one of my absolute favorites, my hands down most loyally turned to site, is running one of their biggest sales of the season, as it is the Buy More, Save More sale. Now is the time to go big in on those splurges you’ve been waiting for because you can score up to 25% off, as well as catch already marked down marked downs. Nearly all of my favorite, most go-to pieces are via Shopbop. I’ve actually got a number of good outfit posts waiting in the wings, but I wanted to share some quick snaps of my two current favorite pieces, pieces that I look forward to sharing as I have them styled, as well as pieces that I know I will continue to style in more ways than one.

For example, the Only Hearts bodysuit as seen above. I’ve been big into bodysuits, and I’ve found myself liking each and every Only Hearts one. While I obviously ordered the ruffle shoulder one, I will probably go ahead and order this one, and I am pretty sure imma need this one.

Then there is my newest favorite pair of MOTHER denim. I think it is time for me to admit that I think I am going to go all in on the MOTHER denim. I know it is a pricier brand, but damn do they do denim right. You know I am obsessed with the Swooner Roller crop, but now I am obsessed with these Hustler Ankle Frays because MOTHER just does cool cuts and angles. I am ready to get away from skinny all the time, and it just happens to be MOTHER that is making all the right kind of cuts that are way super flattering, and cool AF to boot. Given this sale, load up on the MOTHER.

So again, I know the sales are coming in hot this week, with everyone and their MOTHER offering their Black Friday early, but do yourself a favor and sit down for a good Shopbop peruse and haul. Now is the time to cash in.

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