romualdo tailoring experience vol. 1

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have caught a quick story of mine from Romualdo Bespoke Tailoring, where I was invited to come in for the experience of having a custom blazer made.

That day I spent the morning over samples and swatches, linings and linens, collars and cuts – all to craft and design a customized blazer made specifically for me. And while the final product is still in the works, I wanted to share the first phase of the experience because it is one that helps color both what is to come and what Romualdo is all about.

As I previously shared in the #jacketrequired post, Romualdo has been a Madeira establishment for nearly fifty years. And while men’s tailoring has been their specialty and skilled niche, they have recently decided to venture into the lady pond, to try their well-worked hands at women’s tailoring. They’ve tailored for women in the past (and can do nearly anything anyone walks in the door requesting) but they are now officially venturing into this kind of completely different women’s world. And I, for one, am lucky enough to get an opportunity to see it come to fruition first hand.

So with Louise in tow one morning, I met with the team at Romualdo to begin the process of creating my own blazer. At first it was option overload – because the possibilities and colors and fabrics and finishings and cuts and fits and sizings and every other last detail were seemingly endless – but ultimately I found form in the formless and settled on an amazing option.

What was most fun was combing through samples of fabrics and textures, all laid out on a pool table, while chatting all things blazers with the owners Chris and Tim, as well as Meggie, the Director of Operations and Production. I was surrounded by books and blazers, buckles and tops, and all served as potential visuals of what was to come. It was a blast making references to other designers and styles while searching through prints and swatches, as well as deciding on what kind of jacket I wanted, given my style and preferences. Meggie was particularly helpful to me as she literally took the clothes off her back to let me try on her jacket, to get a feel for the color and cut. Having some of her personal blazers to check out and try on really helped me get a feel for what I was liking and leaning towards.

In the end, I decided on something that was both very much in my wheelhouse, while also pushing me a bit outside. I kept in mind that the jacket wouldn’t be completed until the spring, but my gears were already turning in regards to what I would be doing once that bad boy was in my hands.

What that final cut is (pun intended) you’ll have to wait and see, but know that what Romualdo is embarking on on the women’s side of things is about to be seriously and sincerely spectacular.

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