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This one goes out to all the fellas in the crowd.

You may or may not have caught this via Instagram, but a while back, Kenny and I had the opportunity to check out Pursuit, a Columbus-based custom tailoring and suit supply store recently opened on Vine Street in OTR.

Pursuit, which started as an OSU business project, has quickly grown to be an extremely likable local suiting option for a variety of clientele. At Pursuit, grooms can custom tailor their big day threads, groomsmen can be outfitted in an option that is both sharply flattering and budget friendly, and any other daily or special occasion suit wearer can custom design any want or suiting need. And it is with that that Kenny had the opportunity to create his own custom blazer.

First, what a fox. Second, how awesome is that jacket?! From the casually-cool plaid pattern, to the like-colored blue buttons, to the absolute perfect fit, there is nothing to not love about this Pursuit blazer.

The detailing on this is sharp, simply put. Kenny had a hand in landing on the fabric choice and pattern, going into it knowing he wanted something “lighter” to take him from fall to spring, and something that would look best with denim. I think he and Pursuit nailed it.

We also like the colored stitching and the buttons, both of which came as suggestions from the Pursuit team. And we knew they’d stylishly deliver when we said “we trust you” when it came to many of the micro elements.

Then there is the personalization. That touch, those initials only to be seen when the collar is flipped up, just plain adds to the subtle sharpness that goes into custom work.

Again, the end result here is just very very cool.

So uh, is this your new LinkedIn profile or what? Fire.

I almost forgot! Pursuit also created a custom Cincinnati cityscape pattern as the liner, because again, personalized touches just make it all the better.

All in all, we’re fans here. Pursuit delivered both an exceptional experience and a sincerely solid product. Custom tailoring can feel like such an investment, yet with Pursuit, it is so within reach and so utterly worthwhile. And better yet, Pursuit would like to offer 10% off a suit, as well as a complimentary shirt to complete the look. Offer code is officially out&outfit, however all you have to do is mention OUT+OUTFIT when you pay them a visit, and they’ll take it from there!

So if you’re getting married, or in a wedding, or reporting to work on Monday, or getting down to the Christmas wire, know that Pursuit in OTR is a local viable option to get something really special done. It will actually be the gift that keeps on giving.

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