outfitting the dining room

Dumped a little decor love into the dining room recently.

And it very much needed it, but because this post wasn’t all that intentional, I have zero before pictures for you to get the idea. However, I can word paint it for you very quickly.

There was nothing on the walls except the shelves and that one giant blue picture of a magnolia and some kumquats. On the shelves, there was an assortment of white bowls and plates that Kenny told me time and time again that he just “didn’t get.” Around the table were five barely-hanging-on-to-life slated black Ikea chairs and the bench. And that’s about it. Oh, that rug was there and still is.

The room quickly drove me nuts. For one, we use it a lot. We don’t have a kitchen island, nor do we have a separate formal dining room and a separate more daily livable kitchen table. This formal dining room IS the formal dining room, plus the kitchen island, plus the more daily livable kitchen table. So for all the reasons above, this space needed to be more user friendly, but it also needed to be much much cozier. If I was going to be spending all my time in it with my life and family, I needed better stuff to sit on and stare at.

So with that, we made a couple moves. And I am honestly here to share them not because I want to show off the aesthetic or styling (interior decor is not my strong suit, and I also know that’s not why you come here) but because this room came together most primarily thanks to two local favorites of mine.

First though, the not local stuff. We needed better chairs and we needed them bad, and I ended up ordering these from Article. This was my second big seating order from them (first, the patio table and chairs) and again, for style, price, and ease, I’m again a fan. Special shout out to the two coral arm chairs at the heads – those are awesome – very cool, comfortable, and bright. It would be too much to have those around the whole table, but if I could, I would, because those are chairs you can sit and chill in for hours. But regardless, the six other gray ones are also solid, sturdy, and simple, and at just $99 a pair, they’re honestly a steal.

So anyway, new chairs, from Article, all good, very happy.

Next though, the local stuff. First, the shelves got updated thanks to Elm & Iron. Second, all the plants were courtesy of Katie’s Blooms. Third, love them both very much.

Elm & Iron helped me with the shelf sprucing. We shopped for these goods that snowy Sunday we ventured out with the kids (as immortalized on Instagram), and even though it was a slight disaster, they were super patient and helpful. I went in, showed them a picture, told them I needed help, and they helped me collect and curate. And between the vases and old Readers Digest books and bookends and bunny and balls and candles, the shelves are no longer a warehouse for platter overflow and Kenny no longer doesn’t get it.

So yeah, that’s it. (And I will admit that the collection of wine glasses do get a little lost since they’re clear, so I am going to work on either putting something behind them or maybe moving them somewhere else, but I’m not going to lie, I do need them there for space and easy access so for now they’re functionally remaining.)

There’s then the plant and planters and tree all thanks and praise-hand emojis to Katie’s Blooms.

First, we’ll talk about these planters. Four of these planters hang on the back wall of the Barre3 studio I frequent and love, and every day while I’m squatting and side-stepping and Warrior 2’ing, I stare at them and love them. And because I stare at them and love them so much, I wanted to stare at them and love them at my own house, so I called up Katie and said hook me up and she did and now I’ve got these beauties to care for and call my own.

There’s then the fiddle tree that Katie personally went on a hunt for to find for me. I sent her a picture of the naked room before and told her my visions for a tree in the corner. She went out, found the right height and shape given the amateur artist rendering idea I sent, and then delivered me my new friend. And so far, so very very good, as that buddy is still alive (and sprouting new leaves I might add!) so we’re hoping and looking forward to a long healthy life together.

So there you have it folks. My dining room detailing that no one asked for. But it is still totally worth the share because both Elm & Iron and Katie’s Blooms deserve some serious love and attention, as well as Article too. All of these places, brands, and people are places, brands, and people that I really frequent, support, and like, so this is just all about that good love going around.

Now feel free to come over and sit and have a drink with me.

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