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Cincy Craft ConnectionThis post has been a long time in the making. And it is a long one. (But a very good one.)

I met Ben Beachler, owner of Cincy Craft Connection, over the summer and when he told me what he had going on with his brewery tour business, I knew it had to be featured on the blog. So I rallied every cool girl I knew and booked an afternoon tour dubbed babes and brews. It was hilarious.

But first know this. Cincy Craft Connection is a local brewery tour company that allows for you and up to fourteen of your closest friends to hit four breweries in four hours. At each spot, there are two to three pitchers to be sampled and shared so that new and noteworthy brews can be had by all. As I’ve mentioned before, beer is not my forte, but that doesn’t mean I am not down with it. But I was particularly excited for this tour because I wanted to be made more knowledgeable of beer outside of Corona Light. (And I can say that this tour has taught me a lot about coffee beer.)

Our tour consisted of Rhinegeist, Mt. Carmel, 50 West, and Bad Tom. Mt. Carmel and Bad Tom were new to me, but Rhinegeist and 50 West were not. Now, there was simply too much fun to be had at each and every stop for me to sit here and detail it all, so I’ll just be running through the highlights and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Cincy Craft Connection RhinegeistRhinegeist. I went in thinking I wouldn’t be crazy about any of the beer because my previous experiences were not awesome, but the second light one that Ben was pouring was a total winner. I’ll have to get back to you on the name of it because it is long gone at this point. But if any participants are reading and remember, then please, comment below.

Cincy Craft Connection Rhinegeist tour group at RhinegeistMt Carmel BreweryMt. Carmel. I actually think this stop was my favorite. It is tiny and homey and like a cabin at camp that serves delicious coffee beer. I loved the whole thing.

Cincy Craft Connection at Mt Carmel Mt Carmel Cincy Craft Connection tour at Mt Carmelgroup at Mt Carmel50 West50 West. A super friendly and really killer little beer establishment. Also had my fair share of dark beer here without incident. Win.

50 West Brewery tour at 50 West group at 50 WestBad Tom BrewingBad Tom. Which is right down the street from me (on Eastern) and the kind of brewery that reminds me of the breweries in Asheville. (It’s a bar in a garage and there’s something cool to be said about that.)

Bad Tom group at Bad TomNow enjoy some outtakes and/or highlights of the day….

Cincy Craft Connection Brewery Tours B Hampton mom and me B MacGregor, M Ruburg, B Hampton girls on the bus OktoberfestAnd while I love the progression of the group picture at each stop, you obviously know that there was a whole lot of this going on:

ladies drinkingAnd how do you round out a day of straight breweries? With caricatures at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, of course.

Oktoberfest characature B Mac and Annie with characatureI’d highly recommend Cincy Craft Connection no matter what kind of beer drinker you are – craft enthusiast or dabbler looking to learn something – because you are bound to have an awesome, awesome time.

And thanks to all of the friends who came out for the trip! There were those who traveled, those who are friends of a friend, those who are friends from work, those who are friends because of family, and I have to say that spending time with each and every one of you made it all the better! Until next time…

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