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Shoo-wee! It has taken me a solid week – plus the holiday Monday – to “recover” from the girls vacation I went on last week.

And when I say “recover,” I hardly mean physically. I really mean recovering from those planned personal days, which came after some unplanned kid sick days, which added up to be quite a lot of days away from my real job, which meant I got way behind, so all my energies last week were spent on surviving the day-to-day while also catching up, and then my energies this weekend were spent taking care of all those pesky house chores, and then my leftover energies were spent chilling with my little homegirl while watching a lot of Netflix and indulging in some much needed sleep. BUT every last thing has been taken care of. Every last leftover essay pile has been graded, every last pajama set has been folded, every last grocery has been ordered and batch cooked for the week. Today I can get back to regularly scheduled programing.

Which means I want to share the trip.

I’ve shared before, but my girlfriends and I plan a big trip together every other year. It is one of those things that we are easily committed to, and every single time we do it – this is technically our fourth one – reminds me that I’ve got something really special going on with this group of women.

This year, we zipped across the country to convene in San Diego for a long weekend. And we did a couple of things very right. For one, the trip was Saturday through Tuesday. Taking off a Monday and Tuesday was honestly such a smart call. Heading back to work on a Wednesday was super easy because it made everything fly by. Moving forward, this might be the only way I long weekend…

And for two, we did things. Things like lunched and happy houred at Balboa Park, dined at Juniper and Ivy and Ironside Fish & Oyster, took a jaunt around La Jolla, followed that with a whale watching tour, and indulged in a day of pampering at Hotel Del Coronado. In between all that, there were many hours spent at bars and eateries, many mornings spent at Better Buzz Coffee, and many uber rides shlepping us from piers to palm readings.

And while all of those things were fun and awesome and uniquely enjoyable, the best part was the unadulterated time spent together. At the end of the day when we are together, all we do is sit around and talk. We notoriously take up residence at a restaurant and just gab for hours – sharing and squealing, listening and laughing – all the while reordering glass after glass, bottle after bottle. That of course is what makes me love this gang and our getaways so much. It is time together to release and relive, belly laugh and cry, and although I am sure we all leave feeling a little spent, a little hungover, we also head home feeling both ten pounds lighter yet grounded at the same time. For those reasons, this trip will always be a non-negotiable.

So again, while I could sit here and give you my two cents on what San Diego is offering as a destination, you simply need to know that those opinions pale in comparison to what this trip means to me and my friends. It is so important and valuable to take this kind of big time away, to reconnect with that village of women who bring so many things into light and perspective. I loved stealing away with them this time, I love stealing away with them anytime, and I already look forward to the many more biannual trips to come.

Now just enjoy the photo reel.

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