out in NYC

I am always down to buzz around the big apple with my buddy on her buying trip.

Maura, my dear friend and owner of Capsule, a local boutique located in Mariemont, tapped me as her plus one for her working weekend in New York City at the end of February. I got to accompany her to private showroom appointments for brands both new and old to Capsule, as well as attend Coterie, the day-long premier contemporary and advanced contemporary women’s market event, all which was meant to forecast and order for fall/winter 2022.

Not only did I love the big city getaway, and the time spent endlessly gabbing with my girlfriend, and all the sipping and snacking and scarfing we did along the way, but I love that I learned that I have an endless capacity to look at clothes. Seriously. I never got tired and I never got bored. I could look and comb through and consider everything from jewelry to jackets to jeans to sweaters to dresses all the livelong day. And that’s what we did for three days straight. It was glorious.

And then not only were we looking, but we too were dressing up and treating ourselves and putting together little adornments that made us feel like a couple of gals who could take on the world. I, of course, shopped Capsule beforehand so that I could best support and represent both Maura and the brands she carries and will buy from. Together, we mainly sported JUST Female (soon to be re-branded to Oval Square), Pistola, and Primecut. Those are definitely favorites of mine because they always make me feel so good. And ain’t that what dressing is about? Look good, feel good. Feel good, look good.

Until next time, New York. I’m ready to do it again soon.

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