out at the wheel

I finally made it to The Wheel.

If unfamiliar, The Wheel is a sandwich, pizza, and pasta takeout joint, located in Oakley, that then does a small number of BYOB, communal dining, pop up dinners. The dinner dates are announced via email at the beginning of each month, and then you have approximately five minutes to attempt to secure a reservation. The first time I tried, I couldn’t get the res, as I waited fifteen minutes post posting to inquire. I pined for it ever since that moment, so I decided to use City Beat as my way in. And it worked.

So with that, I wrote a feature for magazine covering The Wheel, and I wanted to go ahead and share it here, as it does all the detailing that it deserves. Below you’ll find snaps of my five-course meal, which was amazing, but here you’ll find the official write up. Do enjoy!

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