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It is about to be fall this weekend but let’s hold on to summer for like two more seconds and talk about popsicles.

Many weeks ago, my little family and I grabbed lunch with my dear friend and her mom at Delicio, a coal fired pizza place in Montgomery. We were having such a nice time that I actually forgot to document the meal, which was silly because everything we had was awesome. (But don’t fret…Kenny texted me from work yesterday asking me to purchase a Delicio Cincy Savers coupon, so we’ll be going back.)

Anyway, on our way out we sprung for Pop Shop popsicles, a popsicle stand that shares the same space.

The Pop Shop popsiclesI, being no stranger to sweets, had my eye on one since walking in – the cake batter gelato pop. I freaking love gelato, it is probably my most favorite thing, so when given the option of either a fruity pop or a creamy gelato pop, I’m going gelato. But then what makes this stand even better is that you can have your popsicle adorned with a number of other toppings. Thinking when in Rome, I had my pop drizzled with carmel and sprinkled with crushed oreos. I’ll give you two guesses as to how good it was, but you’ll only need one.

gelato popsicleThe rest of the party tried the banana pop. I do have to say this because I had a bite, it literally tasted like a giant frozen banana. This pop was dense. In fact, I don’t think either one finished it. My friend Brittany did have carmel drizzled across hers, which was good, don’t get me wrong, but again, frozen fruit can’t really compete with deliciously rich and creamy dessert, hello.

banana popsicleSo if you ever find yourself in the Montgomery area, we’re talking like past Moeller High School, swing in to Delicio and grab yourself a pop treat.

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