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I stole away for the entire day a few Saturdays ago, for a little in-town girls staycation. The day was exactly what the doctor ordered, as it was fun, funny, relaxing, and filled with nothing more than eating, drinking, and shopping – my favorite trifecta.

And while I’ve definitely eaten my way around this city, the lunch spot that the group decided on was a new one to me, but one that I know I’ll be returning to – The Gruff in Covington.

What I like the most about The Gruff is its location. It is nestled right at the foot of the Roebling Bridge, just past the populated block where things like Keystone can be found, and right before…the Ohio River. The building is bright and hip, with the food matching that persona as well. Our party of eight was able to sit comfortably at a big table in the middle, and I noticed that there were quite a few other groups convening for the same good kind of time. All of that combined made me impressed with what The Gruff had going on and I had yet to take a bite of the food.

However, with a mimosa in hand, I ordered what the majority of the party ordered – the vegetarian egg sandwich, with avocado, tomato, basil, and black pepper aioli. Second only to tacos, an egg sandwich is my sandwich of choice. And while this combination wasn’t anything all that new or surprising, it was definitely good and it definitely hit the spot. I will never be mad at a sandwich like this, and I’ll order it over and over again.

Another fun thing we did was order the carrot cake french toast for the table. I saved my slice for the end because I wanted to treat it like dessert, and dessert it sure was. It tasted pretty much like you think it would taste – rich, dense but spongy, and made all the better with the maple cream cheese icing. This is one that should be served with candles and a side of Happy Birthday, but I am more than happy to have it accompany my brunch egg sandwich.

All in all, this was a solid little space, with a solid little menu, if you are looking for solid food in the Cov. Since we were there for brunch and everything on the brunch menu looked and tasted delicious, I know I would definitely be interested in heading back to check out what is going on for dinner.

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