out at the baker’s table

Oh ho ho, I really liked this one.

I dined at The Baker’s Table for the first time a few Fridays ago. I had heard nothing but good things about the spot (people rave about their brunch) but I had just not gotten down there. However finally, plans were put in motion and the date did not disappoint.

Now, I do not know if this is how things have always been, but currently The Baker’s Table simply offers either a two-course or three-course prix fixe menu. We all sprung for the three, which is definitely the way to go, and honestly, one plate was better than the next.

I could truly break down each dish, but I’d ultimately just be saying over and over again *insert course meal* was so good! and then *insert course meal* was also so good! because seriously everything was so good. I personally started with the melon salad, but I know the caprese was a hit as well. When it came to the pasta course, mine was the bucatini, but the bites I had of the rigatoni and corzetti were totally delicious. And then when it came to the mains, I totally enjoyed my salmon, but was particularly impressed with the duck, but then also the wagyu. Seriously, there wasn’t one “okay” dish in the lot. Everything really was that good!

And then on top of that, the atmosphere was totally perfect. Lovely, chill, bright, open, comfortable – everything you would want and look for when heading into a long and leisurely dinner night out in order to spend time in good company with good food. The Baker’s Table truly hits all the checkboxes.

So, don’t be like me and sleep on this one. Make a date, get all the courses, enjoy bottles of wine, and dine to your heart’s content. We have a good one with The Baker’s Table (which is also opening up a bakery across the street!) and you are not going to want to miss out.

Oh! And I’m also making it a personal goal to always put the outfit in OUT + OUTFIT, so know that that night I wore something I was really digging – a sleek tank, tucked into an even sleeker skirt, paired then though with some sneakers, a fun clutch, and a couple of layered necklaces. Easy, breezy, casual cool peasy.

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