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Coming in with a rare Saturday post here because I need to share that I attended the opening night performance of If/Then, a musical about what could have happened had different choices been made. If/Then is wrapping up with a final performance on Sunday, so if you were at all considering checking it out, definitely make the last minute decision to do so.

The musical itself follows the story of Elizabeth, a recent divorcee who moves to New York City to start over. The story then travels down the different paths that could have played out had different choices been made. Sometimes the story follows Liz, who makes one set of decisions, and other times, it’s Beth who makes a whole other set of decisions.

From the producer of Wicked, and the director of Rent, If/Then lines up with precisely what is unique about both – a modern tale that addresses precisely what life is like right now, with nuances of humor and relateability. The first act is quick and funny and exciting as decisions are made, while the second is serious and focused, as consequences play out.

This was definitely a fun one, one that embraced the modern complexities of life. I think at one point or another, we’ve all traveled down that path of what if? especially in regards to decisions that bear heavy implications. But in the end, you leave on a note feeling good about what ultimately happens in life, especially if you are a believer in fate and destiny.

If/Then Jackie Burns

If/Then Richard Rodgers Theatre Cast List: Idina Menzel LaChanze Anthony Rapp James Snyder Jerry Dixon Jenn Colella Jason Tam Tamika Lawrence Joe Cassidy Miguel Cervantes Curtis Holbrook Stephanie Klemons Tyler McGee Ryann Redmond Joe Aaron Reid Ann Sanders Production Credits: Michael Greif (Direction) Larry Keigwin (Choreography) Mark Wendland (Scenic Design) Emily Rebholz (Costume Design) Kenneth Posner (Lighting Design) Brian Ronana (Sound Design) Carmel Dean (Musical Direction) Tom Kitt and Michael Starobin (Orchestrations) Other Credits: Lyrics by: Brian Yorkey Music by: Tom Kitt Book by: Brian Yorkeyimages and tickets courtesy of Broadway in Cincinnati

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