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Kenny and I went all out on a big date last weekend. I also have a new club idea.

Now that we’re down to the wire, everything carries that air of this could be the last one, and given this, Kenny very sweetly treated this one as my treat therefore I didn’t have to compromise. While seafood is not really his thing, it one bazillion percent is mine, so reservations at The Anchor were booked.

The Anchor oystersThe thing about going to a seafood restaurant for me is that I already know what I want before I walk in the door. And the thing about going to The Anchor is that I already know I’m going to need some oysters. (gasp note: I am well aware of my pregnant state and the raw risk…I only gambled on a few even though I longed for a dozen…)

But it is really what these oysters are served with that makes them so good. Along with the cocktail sauce, there is pickled shallots and raw shaved horseradish that makes the bite ridiculous. There is also this frozen component that totally escapes me because I didn’t actually eat it that can be added as well. I personally didn’t add any, not because of what it is, but because the combo of the three aforementioned elements above is just too good for me. I just did not want to compromise it with anything else.

And now I want to start an oyster club because on Thursdays they offer dollar oysters and dollar canned beer. Who’s with me?!

The Anchor peel and eat shrimpNow we didn’t stop there. We ordered to our heart’s content, which included an appetizer trio of peel and eat shrimp, hush puppies, and calamari. I felt like I was on vacation.

The shrimp were big and meaty and seasoned to perfection. They were a little difficult to peel, which Kenny kept saying was a testament to their quality, and I have to agree. They were killer.

The Anchor hush puppiesThe hush puppy order was actually the one thing we did compromise on. I just wanted some bread and Kenny was thinking fries, so I suggested the hush puppies because it is the love child of the two.

I liked them by themselves. Kenny liked them dipped in the lemon aioli. I have a thing about lemony-savory things. I love lemons in all things sweets and treats, but I’m never really into it when it is added to anything else. So you know, to each his own.

The Anchor calamariBut the real triple crown winner was the calamari. It was some of the best I’ve ever had, especially thanks to the mustard aioli dipping sauce. I’m struggling with how to describe it without just sitting here and typing over and over it was so good because it was just so good. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

And then I did that thing where our main courses were served and finished before I realized I never took a picture. You’ll just have to trust that those trees did fall in the forest.

You could see my order coming from a mile away – shellfish bouillabaisse. It was a delicious steaming pot of all of my favorite things – mussels, shrimp, lobster, salmon, and scallops, all floating in a bowl of saffron aioli. Capital L O L.

Kenny went with a classic fish and chips order and it was as satisfying as you can imagine, because it is pretty hard not to be happy with fried fish and french fries.

So, I am clearly a huge fan of The Anchor, I love that Kenny and I got to have such a nice night there, and I am now looking forward to spending a lot of Thursdays there with my oyster club friends. Seriously, who’s with me?!

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