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order at the barI was off school yesterday for fall break, which called for a little Sunday Funday the day before that.

So rightfully, Annie and I used it as our opportunity to check out Sprout. Located on the corner of Pavilion Street in Mount Adams, this new spot boasts grocery/market essentials, a seasonal menu, and local and craft brews and beverages. All this combined, it literally exceeded any and all expectations.

order number sixFirst a note on décor. The taste of the entire place is impeccable. Everything is warm and delicate and gives an air of conscious refurbishing. When Kenny and I move into our real and official adult house, I’ll be taking a few pages from Sprout’s book.

planters on a sill Sprout diningrepurposed doorsNow the food. Holy sweet brunch food. Everything was simply and utterly delicious. Tasty, flavorful, just plain yummy. The entire menu is a la carte so Annie and I decided to a la split everything.

Sprout ham and cheese sandwichFirst the ham and cheese. It was each of our’s absolute favorite. I took the first bite and said oh my god and Annie said oh my god, what? and I said oh my god this is so good and I don’t even know why. There was such a rush of flavor that I didn’t know if it was the perfect ham, the melted cheese, the toasted bread, the Dijon mustard, or what. Whatever it was, it killed it, and conversation ceased upon consumption. God, I want it right now.

Sprout corn cakesMy number two was the corn cake, which I saved for last. Perfectly sweet and savory and dipped in the local honey, made me just so happy. It also came with a side of apple butter, which Annie preferred, but I favored the former. I’m actually desperate to go back and order a few fifty of them.

Sprout frittataAnnie’s number two was the portabella mushroom frittata, which was delicious, especially with the generous topping of parmesan cheese. The middle bite, which allowed for the highest concentration of flavors, was mouth-watering.

Sprout mimosas Sprout Sprout bar Sprout beer menuNow this brunch menu is only offered on Sundays, but there was talk of it coming to Saturdays as well (I beg you Sprout). Regardless, they have a complete lunch and dinner menu, as well as a downstairs bar called Roots, which are two very strong reasons for me to return ASAP.

Sprout leftovers


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