out at sleeping bear dunes

One super fun excursion that each of our little families made at one point or another was a trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Since I am obviously an earth scientist, I’ll describe them as such – giant sand hills – which is both an understatement and fact. But really, that is what they are. They are giant and expansive and quite the sight to behold, but they are also totally doable with a kid strapped to your chest (so Kenny said). We decided to check them out for a quick tour and I am totally glad we did.

Sleeping Bear Dunes hillA hike to the first main peak was definitely a workout for the calves and buns, but everyone was doing it, young and old, without shoes. (Again, totally doable.) I can’t remember how long it took for us to make it to the first peak, but we made it regardless and the trek was absolutely worth it.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park(I wonder if Gray Malin is looking for an apprentice…)

Sleeping Bear Dunes Park(The main view…)

Sleeping Bear Dunes hike(The main man view…)

Harry and the Sleeping Bear Dunes(It’s exhausting being carried to the top…)

top of Sleeping Bear DunesNow if you are a better woman than I, or you don’t have a kid to haul, there are miles of more dunes to explore, many that go higher and deeper. While our trip was a short one, it was still worthwhile because the sands felt great, and the view was pretty killer. (And upon your descent, I totally recommend running all the way down, just like every 8-year-old you see.)

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