out at skeleton root

This is a post from some way back holiday plans, but it is also a post about my tomorrow plans.

Back in the beginning of December, my friends and I landed at Skeleton Root as one of the stops on our annual holiday party bus trip. It was my first time visiting the urban winery, even though it had been on my to-visit list forever. What I remember most vividly (even though at that point in the evening, things weren’t necessarily as vivid as they should have been…) was the homey, cabin-like feeling within its historic building walls. Between the barn wood decor and come-sit-and-maybe-smoke-a-pipe-like seating, the high high ceilings and exposed interior workings, this place was just all around cool. Everything about it was cool.

Now again, the details of the wine itself are not quite coming back to me in this moment, but luckily I should be able to report again come Monday. I’ve got some fun and casual day plans with some girlfriends on Saturday, and the only request by the lead conspirator was to go to Skeleton Root. So while there are quite a few brunch spots being touted around on our group text, we know there is one thing to expect for sure – we’ll be sipping some Skeleton Root at some point. And that, I’m very much looking forward to remembering enjoying.

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