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So, I have just turned thirty and with that, I have a number of things that I need to start taking serious care of. Number one on that list? My skin.

I have always been a pretty low maintenance skincare-er. While I have had my fair share of insecurities and issues (cross eyes and bifocals since first grade…), my skin has always been no big deal, acne being one issue I escaped. I have also never personally dealt with overly oily, or dry, or blackheady, or porous skin. My skin is by no means #flawless, but I’ve literally never used any particular skincare product or regime because for the longest time, there seemed to not be a need.

But just because there may not have been a need in my youthful teenage years, that does not mean there won’t be a need in my late twenties, early thirties years. So now it is time. It is time for me to think and care about my skin. My forehead is starting to be a little suspect, and I need to get ahead of those curves.

And right when I was wondering what to do, I was contacted by SIA Spa.

SIA Spa is a locally owned medical spa and salon, offering everything from pedicures to Restylane injections. I was generously offered any service of my choosing and I decided to use this opportunity as time to treat my face. But just like I have no knowledge of good skincare, I was not sure what kind of treatment or service I should receive. I shared my above story and upon talking quickly, I realized this was just the place I should be turning to for advice. I got plenty and more.

Without knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, I was offered a complimentary VISIA scan, with dermaplaning and a chemical peel. I was briefly told about the VISIA analysis and assumed it was a machine that would scan my skin and tell me how horrible it is. I was right and wrong.

VISIA skin analysisThe VISIA system is a super high powered camera that ultimately takes three pictures of your face, from three different angles (right, center, left). It then produces a report that is worked through with an aesthetician, to determine what’s going on under the layers. It was both eye opening and not as bad as I assumed.

SIA Spa VISIA analysisOne of the first things you find out is your skin’s age. I braced myself, but turns out my skin age came back at 33. Hooray! That’s not so bad! Maybe there is something to my low maintenance routine…but then we took a look at my “spots.” When it comes to spots, my skin was only better than three percent of people my age. Woof. But my skin is somewhat freckle-y, always has been…I swear it is not just sun exposure (prayer-hands emoji). But we continued to work through the other categories, and some of my better numbers were with wrinkles, pores, and red areas. With that, I knew things were not so bad.

But beyond telling me what damage was already done, the VISIA program allowed Wendy (who is MY GIRL – more on her in a minute) to give me both product and procedural recommendations. Wendy talked to me about my daily care, interest, and concerns, and was truly honest with me about what I needed. She did not promote any procedures, which I appreciated. Even though VISIA kicked back some suspect numbers, Wendy understood my age and could check me out in person and understood that anything procedural might be too much, too soon.

She did go into detail about a number of products that I should be considering. What I appreciated the most was that she wasn’t overly selling me on anything here either. She made about six recommendations, all of which were then saved to my profile and printed off for me to take home. Then of the six she saved, she recommended a top three to for sure consider, a situation where she shared point blank that if I were to do nothing else, do x, y, and z.

I want to be completely candid in this moment – I totally appreciated Wendy’s lack of “push.” I by no means felt any pressure or obligation to buy some serious products in the moment (something that I can admit to feeling, even when I am in the market and headspace to buy). I think her being that way, plus sitting down with the VISIA analysis, made me extremely comfortable. I felt like I wasn’t being sold, which I cannot express enough, was something that I was truly looking for. It was another reason why I didn’t know exactly where to go when looking for skincare advice. I wanted knowledge and expertise and Wendy at SIA Spa completely did that for me.

VISIA AnalysisAfter the VISIA analysis, we went into a facial room where I was treated to the dermaplaning and chemical peel. Wendy knew that this was my first time for both, and she took total care of me.

The dermaplaning was simply and essentially a shaving of my face. Wendy worked with a tiny scalpel and shaved off the first layer of skin, leaving me tight and fuzz free. I personally thought it felt amazing. I was tucked into a heated bed while she got down to business. We also casually chatted and naturally swapped stories, which was a treat as well.

The session then ended with a chemical peel, one that Wendy described as “basement level.” I honestly cannot recall its specific name (or type?) but Wendy assured me it was the lightest one, one that they would give to anyone off the street who may just be beginning a chemical peel regime. She rubbed me down and it “stung” (even though that is not putting it lightly enough) for not even five seconds, and then it felt great. I rubbed my skin with the back of my hand and it was so nice, I wanted to buy it and Wendy a drink.

My time at SIA, which started with some time in the relaxation room, ended with a fresh new feeling and knowledge of what to do next with my skin. I cannot express enough how perfect this was for me.

I now know the importance of what to do with my skin, and I plan on building in dermaplaning into my beauty routine. I take care of my hair and my closet and now it is time to get in there and take care of the real money maker (wink).

So now I feel amazing and armed with knowledge and I cannot thank SIA Spa and Wendy enough. I will totally be going back and I hope to run into one of you there, especially because SIA Spa has quite a few offers for you…

VISIA reportFirst, SIA Spa would like to give away the same treatment I experienced – a dermaplaning and chemical peel, as well as a complimentary VISIA analysis! All you have to do is hop on over to the OUT + OUTFIT Facebook page and like this post! A winner will be chosen at random (by a random number generator) and they must also have liked both the OUT + OUTFIT and SIA Spa Facebook page as well!

But that’s not all…SIA Spa is also offering a $10 discount on any service during the month of June when OUT + OUTFIT is mentioned upon booking! That one, my friends, could not be easier. So make sure to mention your old pal Katie over here at OUT + OUTFIT sent you, and you’ll get the discount off the top!

The giveaway winner will be announced via the OUT + OUTFIT Facebook page on Sunday, June 12, so make sure to just get over there and like the pages and post!

Special thanks to Diane, Sara, and Wendy for the opportunity and experience!

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