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I have been shamelessly sitting on this one for no good reason whatsoever.

Kenny and I tried Sacred Beast after we attended the Another Brick in the Wall opera because I had been dying to. Dubbed as a modern bar and diner, Sacred Beast does deliver on each of those monikers. There is something smart and elevated about the modern twists taken on the seemingly classic diner options, and I know there is definitely one dish I’ll be begging to return for.

Let’s get into it.

We started with two light appetizers – the watermelon feta salad and the salt roasted beets. Of the two, the watermelon salad was the most impressive. Prepared with creamy foamed avocado, subtle sprigs of mint, spicy crunches of wasabi, and a light drizzling of ponzu, I was crushing this one. We dined on the outdoor side patio, and this salad was the perfect starter for the summer al fresco experience.

The salt roasted beets were also perfectly delicious, but they did just taste like good beets. However this dish also provided a pleasing amount of whipped goat cheese, as well as a satisfying crunch of pistachios. Not positive I’d care to order this one again, but if you are a super fan of beets, it is definitely worth a try.

We then decided to split three entrees because we know no boundaries when we are excited to try food. The first was my first choice and the one I alluded to at the beginning of this post – the fries and shrimp. This was SO GOOD. And it basically just was what it was, fries and shrimp. But the combination, plus the lobster sauce broth, was just so satisfying. I was spearing this one with my fork, tying together each and every bite with a dip in the sauce and a swipe of the herb cream. Kenny too was a fan, but this dish is what my favorite kinds of dishes are made of. SO GOOD.

We also ordered the korean fried chicken, a dish we were both eyeing and excited to try. This too was modern and seemingly simple, being only fried chicken served with spicy maple dipping sauce and marinated cucumbers. It definitely was good, had a bit of a kick, however it was honestly the marinated cucumbers that I kept returning to. They were just so fresh and sharp it was hard not to keep munching on them.

Finally we ordered a burger, more so because we heard all about it. This too had nothing “fancy” going on – options being either a single or double patty with a few add on extras. We did opt to add a fried egg, which was perfect, and at the end of the day, this was a smart and straightforward burger. While I’ve had fancier burgers, and I’ve had the classics, I can say this was definitely a very good burger. If you’re going to be a diner, you going to need a burger. And if you’re going to be a modern diner, you’re going to need a more articulate burger. Sacred Beast does just that.

No doubt about it, this place is cool while also being hot. It’s got some good real estate near the end of Vine Street, and it has the atmosphere and aesthetic of a place you are going to want to check out. I am glad we did and I sincerely look forward to heading back for that shrimp. SO GOOD.

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