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I wanted one thing for my birthday, and that was dinner at Please.

Kenny and I went to Please when it first opened years ago but we, admittedly, didn’t have a great experience. I, for one, was pregnant, so no wine pairings for me, and Kenny was hot off a happy hour, so no more wine for him. Because of that, neither one of us had a memorable (or rememberable) dinner experience so it stayed in the way back of our minds.

However, just because we didn’t “get it” after our faulty first try doesn’t mean Please wasn’t to be gotten. It is THE restaurant that anyone I know and respect when it comes to food believes in, so I knew I needed to go back with clear and sane mind to do it right and get it. With that, I demanded that Kenny and my neighbors (sup Grahams) go with me to celebrate my birthday and I told everyone that I didn’t want to hear it if they didn’t find themselves into it.

But all that talk was for not because at the end of the very big night, each and every one of us were blown.a.way. It is no joke when I say that Please is absolutely and utterly awesome. There was not a single bite that wasn’t wildly good and surprising and smart. Each plate was interesting and weird and impressive, and we actually did all the plates. Like, I think we literally ordered the whole menu. Some of it times two.

Now I am actually not going to talk myself through each and every dish. For one, I would be unable to do it justice because there were things and techniques going on that I am just too illiterate to detail. And for two, it was weeks ago but I just want you to trust me when I say that I am just another rightful voice that is echoing the praises of Please. It is a sincerely special place, one that you have got to appreciate for all it’s worth because I don’t think it is a stretch of the imagination to say that Ryan Santos and Please are pushing Cincinnati way ahead and forward. It is truly a spot unlike any other around.

So I am keeping this short and sweet and just telling you to go. Just go and be prepared to go big. Make it the point of the whole night. Go with an intimate party, plan to sit and linger for hours, and just relish in any plate placed in front of you. Order a tasting and order all things a la carte. Anything that looks good, order two. Or put yourself at the mercy of the server – she will not steer you wrong. Talk up Ryan while he prepares everything in the open kitchen to the left. Order the Tricia Houston. Get the dessert (THE dessert). Just do it all. It is all too sweet not to.

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