out at pepp and dolores

I’m not going to bury the lead here – this place is awesome.

Over the holiday break, I met up with a girlfriend (sup Morgan!) for dinner. I was anxious to get into Pepp and Dolores, and while she was going to be there not three days later for New Year’s, she willingly indulged and obliged me. We sauntered in on a Saturday night and saddled up at the bar and had ourselves one very very good supper (and great time catching up to boot!).

We decided on and shared absolutely everything because that’s what good friends do. So for starters, our first pick was for the mushroom crostini, with pioppini mushroom, cremini mushroom puree, and parmigiano-reggiano. This puppy was so good – light, fluffy, earthy, perfect amount and touch of cheese. Top honors, all the way around.

We then went with what was described as a sleeper hit from the bartender, the marinated cucumbers with ricotta, basil, and vinaigrette. And he wasn’t wrong. These three slivers were extremely satisfying in both their bright crunch and cheese compliment. Put us both down as fans.

We then rounded this starter portion out with the fried artichokes, which were almost too pretty to eat. The two were just plain just right – perfect crunch without being overly fried. And much like the other two, they were also light in nature, which is exactly how you want to start a meal.

For our mains we went straightforward with two pastas. Morgan’s personal pick was the Limone, which was simply spaghetti, meyer lemon, chili flake, parmigiano-reggiano, garlic breadcrumb, and ricotta. If Kenny is reading this, he’ll probably be shocked to hear that I very much enjoyed this one (as I tend to not like anything lemon-savory), but here that was not the case. This, like pretty much everything else for the night, was super flavorful without being overpowering in any ingredient, aspect, or regard. Because of that, it was just plain good.

Finally, the one I personally advocated for, the butternut and mascarpone agnolotti, with brown butter, squash puree, sage, pepita, and parmigiano-reggiano. This one was definitely richer and more decadent, but boy was it warm and cozy and squashy and right. I was very much into this one.

All in all, I think Pepp and Dolores is really really great. Totally cool, totally cozy, totally delicious. In fact, I am pretty sure I’ve got plans to go back this Saturday (look out Kenny, Chris, and Lauren!) as well as next Friday (get excited Brittany and Brittany!).

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