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NadaLast week, Kenny and I went out on a three day go-out-and-eat-and-order-whatever-you-want-because-calories-don’t-count-in-the-summer-and-money-grows-on-trees-in-our-backyard bender by meeting our good friends Kelly and Kramer at Nada for a social mid-week happy hour and dinner date.

I’m assuming you all know about Nada and how absolutely killer and awesome it is, so I’m not going to try and sell you on how delicious their guacamole is.  Or how satisfying their queso and black bean puree is.  Or how crave-worthy their portobello mushroom and fish tacos are.  Or how mouth-watering Kenny’s pork green chile enchilada was.  Or how fun it was to hear Kramer try to pronounce and order the tinga poblana cazuela dish.  Or how nice it was to sit outside, downtown, while drinking a Corona Light.  Or how worthwhile the wait is to eat at this restaurant.  Or how often we actually go to this spot because it is that good.  I’m sure you guys already know that stuff so I’m not going to bore you with the details.

Nada guacamole

Nada braised pork taco Nada queso Corona Lite Nada vegetarian taco Kenny and KramerThe boys picture turned out, but sadly the ladies one didn’t.  But I assure you, our outfits were adorable.

Nada Restaurant

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