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There is one thing from Napa that I can talk about with some semi-lucidity – dining at Morimoto our very first night.

If you know Morimoto, then you know. And you also know that there is no surprise that everything we had was amazing, like uh-maze-zing. We ordered a lot in an effort to maximize the amount that we tried, and I’m here to say that there was not one thing that made me say eh. Everything was of the highest of quality, the topest of notch, and the artisty of artistry.

And while I started this post claiming I was going to have something specific to say, that is not necessarily true. There was quite the spread, and quite the bottles of sauv, and quite the giddy conversation happening, so while the details did not survive, the overall impression of course did.

The night unfolded like this – we all threw our hands in a circle as a commitment to share the spread. We each then yelled out options that we thought sounded good (sister over here campaigned immediately (and quite easily) for the seafood toban yaki, which was basically like a bouillabaisse), and we ultimately decided on like, one of everything, heavy on the hot appetizers, and two entrees to split.

In short, we had two sushi rolls, edamame, tuna pizza, sticky ribs, bone marrow, yellowtail, and the toban yaki (which had lobster, crab, mussels, clams, and scallops). Basically, if it swims in the sea, we ate it that night. Knowing that now too should make my “review” obsolete. How many times can I say it was so.so.good?

But it really was, and it was super nice to have that kind of dinner, in Napa, with my closest girlfriends. It is a spot that I’d easily recommend and return to upon another visit. For sure.

Morimoto sushi Morimoto edamame Morimoto Hamachi Tacos Morimoto Bone Marrow Morimoto Ishi Taki Buri BopIf you are precise and particular and looking for the sticky ribs and toban yaki shots, they’re the only two that didn’t turn out…gomen’nasai!

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