out at lytle park hotel

I think there is only one word and that word is lovely.

The new Lytle Park Hotel is just so darn lovely. The lobby alone is worth the visit, worth the stay, worth the trip for a round of drinks. I’ve since been twice in the span of two weeks and I just love how lovely it is. It is truly a place that makes hanging out feel like a treat and I sincerely can’t recommend it enough. (And speaking of can’t recommend enough, there is this gin cocktail (whose name escapes me) that alone is worth making plans around. Get down there and get it.)

It was Kenny’s brilliant idea to stay for a night as a splurge-worthy staycation, and staycation we did. We checked in early, dropped our bags off in the gorgeous (and spacious) rooms, and then spent the majority of our time at the hotel. After a quick lunch across the Purple People Bridge, we returned to rightfully soak up some time at the lobby bar. It was there that we posted up, under the open windowed skylight and in the stylish and cushioned seating, and indulged to our heart’s content. The only thing that bothered me is that I wasn’t dressed for the occasion (was in athleisure from the powerwalk to lunch) but everything else? Total dream.

This is the drink that I can’t find online but it is gin and has an egg white in it (which I always love) so you’ll know it when you see it. Must order.

After a few hours downstairs, we buzzed up to our rooms for a respectable outfit change, and then it was on up to the rooftop bar and lounge. To the surprise of absolutely no one, the entire space and place was awesome. Along with the cool views are cool details, like restored fireplaces and retractable glass doors. Those things, and a variety of different seating arrangements, makes it a place of many possibilities. Kenny and I literally sat on a couch and hung out for three hours. And when you go, you won’t want to move either.

We also enjoyed a number of bites, including naanchos, hummus, grilled shrimp, and a charcuterie spread, all the while continuing the specialty cocktail parade (and my drink of choice upstairs was easier to remember as it was The Lady Louise (Weezie!)).

In the end, the Lytle Park Hotel (a Marriott Autograph Collection boutique hotel) is a very, very, very nice addition to what Cincinnati has to offer. While there are definitely some signature hotel-rooftop-bar standouts around the city, all of which are worth their own staycation booking, you’d be hard pressed to find one right now that is as standout as this one. In fact, we’re gunning to stay there again in the fall because it is just that sweet…

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