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If you are reading this and you are my friends Chris and Lauren, you are rolling your eyes right now saying finally.

After much praise and some serious planning and thoughtfulness on Kenny’s part, we finally made our way to La Poste for a perfect Valentine’s dinner date. Its reputation preceded itself and it did not disappoint.

First a comment on its space. Located around the corner from The Esquire, La Poste is French-ly romantic. Paneled windows line the whole front wall. White table clothes are accented with simple flowers and votives. The whole space is so warm and inviting that it is easy to be swept up in the dreaminess of the environment.

But now, the nibbles…

La Poste cheese plateWhen given the option of a chef curated cheese plate, the answer is always yes please, of course. This spread was as satisfying as it was surprising. The hard cheddar slice, with a smear of the jam, atop the toasted crostini, was a personal favorite of mine. There was also a parmesean tasting piece that was particularly good with the pickled onion. Regardless, the waitress ultimately picked up a completely clean butcher block.

La Poste scallopsThen, per a you-must-order assignment, we ordered the scallop appetizer, which was hardly a twist of my arm. Of course, they were delicious. The scallops themselves were perfect, but the creaminess of the pesto and the fried crunch of garnish made for a decadently satisfying bite.

La Poste hamburgerFor our main course, we split the burger and La Poste did the dirty work for us by cleanly splitting it in two, which was a much appreciated endeavor. While traditional in theory, a beef patty with bacon, onion, and cheese, it was actually quite elegant. It was juicy without being sloppy, flavorful without being overwhelming, and sizable without being unapproachable, which is the makings of a high-end burger.

La Poste cheeseburgerLa Poste bread puddingThen, only moments after resolving to be done, we sprung for the bread pudding. Bread pudding is just one of those insanely delectable desserts, and I am clearly a fan, especially considering I am riding high on a newly necessary pancake kick. But I can say that this bread pudding was different than most I’ve had. It was saucier, both in presentation and in texture. Sitting on a pool of carmel and scoops of Graeters ice cream was what set it apart, not to mention how simply good the bread pudding was itself.

I’m lucky to have finally made it to this spot and if you are in the market for celebrating a special occasion, venture out to this Clifton district and treat yourself to La Poste.

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