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At some point, and I’m not sure how or when, Huit BBQ got on my radar. And when Kenny and I were looking for easy dinner plans one night last week, it popped in my head and we made it a go.

Located on Court Street, Huit is quaint but cool. It was an easy breezy night, so we sat out on the sidewalk, but I lingered on the inside because the decor was bright and hip, which is ultimately how I’d describe the food.

Huit lemonade fizzNow much to my delight, they had a number of specialty mocktails that we sprung for. Kenny went with a jalapeño lemonade that was delish. It was what I was initially eyeballing, but the jalapeño made me nervous. However, it was so subtle that it actually made the drink. We were both fans.

Huit pom pomI went with a pomegranate concoction, made with lychee and syrup. The sizzerp was awesome…bubbly and sweet without being super sugary. Between the two, I would say this one was better.

Huit soupAnd like a moth to a flame, Kenny ordered soup. He went with the shrimp and pork wonton soup but was also given a sampling of their miso. The miso was light and easy, but the shrimp and pork wonton was killer. I was actually surprised he let me have a whole bite. You could not only taste the spices of the broth, but the richness of the meats in the noticeably homemade wonton. Lots of thought for a great little bowl of soup.

Huit brisketFor my main dish, I ordered the saucy and spiced brisket over rice off the spring special menu. Brisket is not normally my go to, but it was something that kept catching my eye while surveying the menu on the way down. The beef was delicious, but it was very heavy on the hoisin, which turns out might not be my favorite. It definitely wasn’t bad, and there were many other spices and flavors, including garlic, rice, and arugula to work with, but still, there were certain bites that knocked me back a bit. But if you are a huge hoisin fan, you would probably be in heaven.

Huit bowlNow Kenny’s order was the house specialty and I was definitely a fan. He ordered the Huit dinner ramen, which was chicken, pork, and smoked ham bone over ramen noodles, sliced shiitake mushroom, carrots, kale, slices of seared BBQ pork, and green onion, all in their house made broth. Basically, it was everything plus the kitchen sink. It was all flavorful and classic, what you’d expect when ordering an asian dinner, but with the craftsmanship twist that Huit aims for, which is thoughtfulness for the meat and bbq.

Huit wingsAnd we didn’t stop there. We also ordered a few of their bbq wings. The wing flavor was a specialty that is escaping me at the moment, but I remember them being the truest bbq flavor, with a red pepper flake kick that wasn’t too dangerous. Again, like the brisket, these are not a typical order for me, but I’d say they were my favorite of the night, mostly because my understanding of Huit before dining (which very well could have been my own made up assumption) was that it was asian bbq, and the wings tasted exactly like what I would expect that to be, which is what I was seeking out that night.

Huit cauliflowerOh, and then there was the roasted cauliflower with swiss cheese and hazelnut. That combination alone is worth the try, and it was definitely a good little side.

Court StreetHuitAll in all, Huit was a perfect little carefree spot to check out. It was fun to go downtown and dine on Court Street, away from the known hot spots, to enjoy an area with its own personality. And Huit is also known to have a great brunch, so consider checking them out for that as well.

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