out at homemakers bar

It’s official. We’ve got ourselves the neatest-cutest-coolest new bar in town.

HomeMakers Bar officially opened its doors to the public this past weekend, but Annie and I were lucky enough to get a sneak preview a few days before. You all, this spot is GOOD. First, it is owned, operated, and conceptualized by two powerhouse women – Catherine Manabat and Julia Petiprin (formerly of Sundry & Vice). Second, it has a super tidy but solidly tasty (and perfectly priced!) cocktail list. Third, they’ve got great space and and even greater color coming out the wazoo. And finally fourth, it’s owned by women, has a great cocktail list, and is so cute! (Wait shoot, did I already mention that stuff?!)

So anyway, I am here to keep the hype alive and coming because this place deserves it. And when it comes to that strong cocktail list, I tried both the As You Like It and The Fresh Up and each one was as tasty as the day is long. Annie sprung for the True To The Fruit and I know she’ll agree with me when I say it was literally good to the last drop. Good good stuff.

Now HomeMakers is right there on 13th street, nearly smack dab in the perpendicular in between of Vine and Main, so it is perfectly located where all the action is happening. Again, so so good. I can’t wait to go back.

You know some of us can’t help ourselves when it comes to a brightly colored bathroom selfie…

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