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After a day of wedding dress shopping, it was only natural that we treat ourselves to tacos and donuts. And when you are in the mood to treat yourself with donuts, you make a trip to Holtman’s,

Which is how at 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves in a line that went out the door. Now while each of my party decided on just one donut for a treat, I went with four, in the name of research.

An obvious choice was the maple bacon. In theory, it was what I was most excited about. I love a good savory-sweet treat, and I definitely love bacon, so I figured this one would be a home run. But of all the bites I tried, it was my least favorite. While it was good for a bite, it was really bacony. If I’m going to splurge on a donut, I’m not looking for an overpowering of bacon in each and every bite.

A surprising dark horse was the vanilla peanut. That, my friends, is the perfect sweet and salty option. It was a last minute call that I made out of panic but I’m so glad I did. It was by far my favorite and one that I know I’ll return for.

A close second was the coconut. I just really like the texture and taste of sugary coconut, so when sprinkled atop a big fluffy donut, it is pretty impossible to be disappointed.

The last one I made sure to try was the red velvet. The cream cheese frosting is what takes this donut cake and it definitely was delicious. While I’m not normally one to hate on tons of icing, I did find it a bit much. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t eat it again. I would definitely eat it again. I mean, it’s red velvet. I’m no fool.

All in all, I get the hype, I loved the treat, and I can see why there is a line all hours of the day. Decadent, delicious, donuts done right, Holtman’s is definitely worth it.

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