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Looking for something cool to do, that in and of itself is very cool, that makes you feel extremely cool doing it, and is totally awesomely and cooly good all at the same time? Fausto for brunch at the Contemporary Arts Center.

Last weekend, Kenny and I had the good energy to get up and get out for brunch, which is easily my favorite meal to dine out for. It isn’t often that we get up and get out to a good brunch, but when we do, I get the spirit to treat ourselves to something a bit more swanky. Because we decided to make whole day plans downtown that day, I knew we were defintiely going to finally try Fausto, something I’ve been Insta-fawning over since its opening in June.

And guess what I thought about it? So cool.

Besides the fact it is all so Instagramable, it is also all so delicious. Kenny and I each sat down and within minutes, glanced up from our menus only to say “avocado toast” in an exact moment of jinx. We easily could have split one because the helping was generous, and the cut of bread was thick, but that’s laughable because it was so good we each polished off every speck and morsel. To quote Kenny, “definitely making trips just for this.” And I concur.

I then ordered the fried egg sandwich, which was served on an english muffin (a Blue Oven Bakery english muffin if I was a bettin’ woman) with provolone, bacon, and arugula. This little guy was as cute as it was tasty. I ultimately only enjoyed half because the other half was claimed by a couple of little children who kept running to my side of the table saying “more pease.” So if nothing else, this one was the crowd pleaser.

Kenny went with the baked eggs, served in a skillet with tomato sauce and salsa verde. It was definitely tomato forward and super solid as a breakfast base that has a bit of heart. It is also exactly the kind of thing Kenny would like and I could have bet the farm he’d order it. Ten out of ten times.

The kids each enjoyed a sweet bowl of Snowville yogurt with fruit and granola, which they did sit down and politely eat for five minutes, before getting up to run laps in between bites. They didn’t break anything. We’d call that a win.

Overall, this was just a cool way to spend a cool Sunday morning. And while we brunched, know that you can brunch, lunch, and dinner dine and wine at Fausto. And you best believe we’ll be back to do so. So cool.

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