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Emery is passionate about seafood. I am passionate about seafood. Therefore, I am passionate about Emery.

Emery, the most recent restaurant of the Looking Glass Hospitality Group, opened in Mariemont Square just days before this past New Year’s Eve, and I have since paid homage multiple times. Not only is its location a clear advantage and draw for me personally, but its menu boasts exactly what I am looking for when I head out to dine. And while seafood is clearly the star, there are definitely other specialities and offerings that make it a desirable destination for one and for all (in particular, the Cylborne Burger, which is a signature at another of this group’s restaurant).

However, because I am me and this is my blog, I will only be offering a rundown of the seafood ordered. Which – spoiler alert – has been a lot.

But quick, before the seafood show, I must share the beet and mushroom tartare. I am always a fan of tartares, and this veggie version does just as lovely of justice for the genre. It is light, and the crisps are even lighter, and I would definitely and always recommend.

Another absolute has-ordered-twice plus must-order rec are the mussels. I think mussels are one of my all time favorites and these are competitive. I have my favorites in this city, but I think these puppers might just be up there. They are just so good, in such a nice light broth, and each time we’ve gone, Kenny and I have polished off the whole pot. Wouldn’t put it past to order a whole order for just myself. I could eat 100.

With that those is the hamachi crudo. Like a tartare, I am likely to like and order, and this hamachi variant is perfectly wonderful, with its avocado mousse and passion fruit caviar. Yum yum.

There was also the one time we ordered the short rib ravioli to share with friends, which was definitely richly delicious and one that too garners respect as a fun starter.

Then as far as entrees go, I think my frontrunner favorite would have to go to the shrimp tagliatelle. As much as I love shrimp, I tend to not necessarily love it in my pasta, but this one changes that all for me. The shrimp are huge, the tagliatelle is noticeably right, and then the white wine, garlic, tomatoes, and pecorino romano mix is very much *chef’s kiss*.

And then there are many fish fillets to choose from, but I can only speak to the blackened ruby red trout. This one is shareable (and was definitely shared) and while the fish was flakey and delicious in all the ways you know trout can and should be, my favorite bite was actually the smoked trout ravioli bit. That stuff you can’t go wrong with. Really good dish if you like going all in on trout (which I do).

Finally though what I think is cool and smart about Emery is that alongside their dinner menu, they have a pub menu, where you can order things that are a bit more “traditional” and albeit indulgent. It is there where you can find the Clyborne burger, as well as calamari and a crispy chicken sandwich. And it was during a particular itch one visit that I sprung for the lobster shrimp crab roll BLT. This is one to go all in on when feeling all in and I have to admit – to the surprise of no one – that this was delicious.

Ultimately, Emery itself and its offerings are an awesome additional to this area that already boasts some good gems. However, given my propensity towards anything that comes from the sea in a shell, I’ll probably always be pushing and suggesting Emery when heading out for my weekly dining pilgrimage treat.

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