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I met up with some friends after dining at Django Western Taco in Northside on Friday and basically delivered this post as a soliloquy.

With Annie as my date, we put ourselves in their hands and said we’d try whatever they wanted to serve. We figured we’d be treated good, but we had no idea just how good the whole experience would be. In three words? So so good.

But before I begin, let’s get one thing straight. I freaking love tacos. Mexican is the genre that I consistently crave and the one I return to over and over again. So when I experience something unlike anything I’ve had before, well, I just hope you are comfortable and ready for this.

Django bean dipFirst, the appetizers (plural). We started with the guacamole, and I have to say, it was some of the best I’ve ever had. I think it comes down to how chilled it was because there is some seriously yummy guacamole in this town, but Django’s was a stand out.

Then there was the bean dip. There’s not much to mess up here with refried beans, sour cream, and queso. If your eyes can scan from left to right and your brain can interpret those words, there’s no need for me to describe further. Beans, sour cream, and queso. LOL.

Django pork bellyBut the big daddy beginner was the pork belly. Holy appetizer for the hungry. This one was unexpected and serious. Served with a steak knife, there was the pork belly with a creamy corn mix, guacamole, and taco crisps. We were advised to get everything in one bite and boy was that right. Each component was tasty on its own, but together, pretty crazy. Especially the crisps…that crunch just really made it.

Django chicken tacoNow my favorite portion of the program. Let’s talk tacos. Did we sample just a few? No, no we didn’t. We tried every last one and that was a gift in and of itself.

Django fish tacoI am just going to go ahead and run down the list, in order of my favorites, and sum each one up in a series of phrases.

the shrimp taco – unlike any I’ve ever had, goat cheese, goat please, woke up the following morning thinking about it

the fish taco – fried and flaky, spicy with some heat, stands up to its contemporaries

the chicken taco – unexpectedly barbecued, normally not my go-to, would be one of my go-tos

the veggie taco – when veggies are done right, they completely hold their own and there’s no reason for meat, didn’t miss it at all

al pastor – each bite was made by the grilled pineapple, I’d probably ask for extra grilled pineapple each and every time

beef – the only one that didn’t make the ranks, it really didn’t seem to have a stand out component like the rest

Django tacoDjango tacosAgain, their tacos were dead serious amazing, exactly the kind I look for…small corn tortillas with flavor combinations that make sense, yet are surprising. That’s what it’s about. I’m now desperate again just thinking about the shrimp taco. Shoot.

Django chile rellenoWe were then graced with the chiles rellenos entree. This was just a huge serving of rice, veggies, queso, and salsa, all atop a delicious poblano pepper. The real treat though? The fried egg topper.

Like the pork belly appetizer, this was one that required everything on the fork, especially the runny yolk. I unfortunately cannot speak to that bite, but Annie was sure making me jealous. In fact, for a handful of minutes, she just giggled to herself, shaking her head back and forth with each and every bite. I completely understood.

Django chile rellenos Django espresso cheesecakeAnd if that was not enough, dinner concluded with the yummiest, tastiest, most Fran-tastic cheesecake I’ve ever experienced (Fran is the gal responsible for making the cakes…I desperately want to be her friend). It was an espresso cheesecake with raspberry compote, hazelnut crust, and homemade whipped cream. Insanity. We were obsessed. It seems silly to recommend you making the trip to a taco joint just for dessert, but it could just be worth it. Annie and I were dying.

Be warned though, the cheesecakes change, so this one might not be there, but having tasted just one of Fran’s cakes, I trust her cheesecake judgement. Seriously. Dirt cheesecake? My fork is ready.

Django cheesecakeSo if it isn’t clear enough, I absolutely lu-oved Django Western Taco and look forward to many trips back. Urban, hip, with a menu to back up its persona, add this to your taco repertoire and call me when you go. I’ll meet you there.

Thanks Andrew, Chandler, and everyone at Django for the awesome time!

(Oh! And don’t forget about the rafflecopter giveaway and voting for me for Best of Cincinnati!)

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  • Reply Danielle February 3, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    My mouth is watering! How would you say it compares to Nada? We live in Lexington but often come up to eat! :) Wondering if it’s worth the trip. Sure sounds like it!

    • Reply outandoutfit February 3, 2015 at 10:56 pm

      That was the first question I was asked! Nada’s edge is its fine dining experience without being obnoxious. So for that, Nada still stands a cut above the rest…when it comes to upscale Mexican. However, if you’ve ever been up here and tried something like Bakersfield in OTR, I’d say Django is absolutely better. And I do think it is worth a trip if you do find yourself poking around up here!

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