out at dear

Dear, which just recently celebrated its one year anniversary, has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants around town.

Located in Hyde Park Square (in what was formally Tellers), Dear is simply one of the most beautiful, tasteful, and thoughtful places I’ve been to in a while. I’ve celebrated there with friends in groups both big and small, and each time we’ve walked out of there, we all leave feeling full of good company and even better food.

And at this point, I’ve done the whole menu. Charcuterie, crudo, and the oysters (the oysters! hands down the best). I also always pressure the table to order all the vegetables – greens, parsnip, squash, sunchoke, rabe. I’ve had the clam linguini a few good times, and we’re always dying to get whatever the chicken set shared plate is. In short, you can’t really go wrong with anything.

Below is a round up of plate pics from reservations past, and if you’ve not yet made a trip to Dear, please do so. I promise, you’ll be as impressed and obsessed as I am.

Oh! And I always like to treat a date at Dear as a special occasion, so to feel fancy, I’d wear either something like this dress (which is on sale and would be cute paired under a jacket heading into early fall), or something along this brand’s gorgeous lines (should you be so lucky…I lust for Zimmerman). Again, you can’t really go wrong.

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