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Because summer is almost here, I am hopeful that many of you either already have some traveling plans or are itching to make some, so with that, I want to share Cafe Robey in Chicago.

Cafe Robey, of The Robey Chicago hotel, is right next door to The Hollander, where my friends and I stayed when we made the trip to Chicago a few months back (remember?). The reason for the trip was for a bridal shower for one of our dearest, but we capped it off with a babies shower brunch at Cafe Robey to celebrate the fifty percent of our clique who is pregnant.

While the convenience of the spot was spot on given our lodgings, the amazing decor and even better menu was spot on given our collective high standards for eating out. We are quite the batch of “foodies” so there was no doubt that we would be doing something good for this occasion. Cafe Robey did not disappoint.

Again, the focus was on the friends, but we did start brunch backwards with an appetizer dessert tray of donuts from Stan’s Donuts and Coffee. Then there was a bevy of mimosas and coffees scattered about, followed by a good study of the menu. I took the gluttonous route and ordered two of the classics – the avocado toast and the smoked salmon benedict (because YOLO) and I stand by that decision to this day. Both were super duper delicious.

In short and in sum, if a summer weekend in Chicago is on your radar for one reason or another, consider following any and/or all of these leads – a stay at either The Robey or The Hollander in Bucktown, and brunch, lunch, and/or cocktails at Cafe Robey. All were really cool and totally worth the trip.

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