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February 18, 2016

Kenny and I are clearly continuing to live our lives with Harry in tow. We make lunch and day drinking plans every weekend, and the only discernible adjustment is the geography of the meeting places. We are all about being out and about, but when we are within walking distance of our house, we’re definitely in. Hence the reason Harry is on a first-name basis with the staff at Pearl’s. And I’m anticipating the same regular status at Blank Slate Brewing Company.

Blank Slate Brewing Company is right down there off Eastern Avenue, off that little cut-through street over the railroad tracks on the way to Lunken Airport. Blank Slate’s pourhouse tap room is only open Thursdays through Saturdays but it is the perfect spot to enjoy some craft beer on a weekend, or weekend-ish day. If you’ve ever visited any breweries in Asheville, you’ll get the same sense and feel, only Blank Slate’s set up is nicer. There is not much to it, space-wise, but there are plenty of places to sit at barrel table tops with various board games waiting to be played. We rolled in after lunch on Saturday and posted up for a few good hours.

Blank Slate Opry Cream StoutNow as fate would have it, we had already made plans to check out Blank Slate the morning I received the following text from Annie: BLANK SLATE BREWERY HAS AN OPRE CREAM STOUT BEER THAT THEY BREW WITH BON BONERIE. We. Have. To. Go. Try. It. [sic]

And try it I did. I tried one after another after another. I opted for the nitro version, which made it creamier, and found myself singing I love this stout. Stouty stout stout. Here it goes down, down into by belly. I’m now a very happy DBD (dark beer drinker).

Blank Slate flightMy soon-to-be sister-in-law opted for a flight, which was a smart and good call, and one that I would like to make upon my next visit because I want to be proficient in what Blank Slate’s offering. I’ll be following her lead next time.

Blank Slate soursKenny and his brother threw back the sour beers the entire time. I do not think I am a fan of sour beers, but I’ve only tried them once. I’m down for trying again though, which is another reason to visit Blank Slate. (Can you tell I’m giving myself every excuse to return?)

Blank Slate munchiesThere were also some snacky nibbles to grab, including these Purrfectly Popped Cincinnati Chili and Cheese popcorn. Guess what they tasted like? Chili cheese popcorn. It was pretty awesome.

I’m clearly a fan of Blank Slate because I like every last thing that it has going on – it is a small brewery, with a small tap room, that is located right in my neighborhood, that offers great beer and board games to boot. Put that all together and you’ve got a great little space to visit and hang. I’ll bet you a dollar you’ll see me the next time you’re there.

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    I don’t know that I’ve ever commented but I LOVE Blank Slate! I live fairly close so it’s a regular for me – you will love making it a regular too, I promise :)

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