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abigail's streetAbigail’s Street is my favorite restaurant in OTR.  Easily.  I love poking around down there and I love trying new things but if I have to sell you on one spot, it’s this one.  All day, everyday.  The menu is tapas style, so the portions are small plates designed for you to order a number and share.  Speaking as an absolute lover of food, I am obsessed with this idea because there are normally five things I want to order on regular menus anyway so here I can do just that and not immediately go into cardiac arrest.

We dined there with another couple and did exactly what we like to do when we go: have each person pick two options that they for sure want and order it all.  It always works out.  Once something is picked by someone, the rest responds with oh good! then now I want this… Everyone gets want they want plus some.

Where do I begin when I want to tell you about the eight things we ended up ordering?  First though, like all perfect nights in OTR, we started with wine flights at 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab.  That combination is the way to go.

1215 wine barBack to the eats.  I have a couple of non-negotiables when I go and the number one one is the ricotta and local honey.  I mean, it’s just, I can’t.  It’s all blended together with truffle oil, which obviously seals the deal in my book, and it’s served with toasted bread.  I kept acting like I didn’t care if we shared, and I tried to be liberal with my bites, but it was hard.  However no worries, we ordered more bread and let the joy continue.  This was one of the first bites to come out and precisely when I bowed out of the conversation.

abigail's streetabigail's streetNow on to the real daddy.  I lu-uve shellfish.  If it comes from the ocean and is contained in some kind of shell, I’ll order it every single time.  Last summer on our tour through Europe, I ordered some variation of mussels and pasta at literally every last spot.  I have now found mussels that I will go back and order over and over again.  We also ordered bouillabaisse and shrimp, both of which were excellent and similar, but I cannot get over the mussels.  They were simply perfectly cooked, big, and delicious.  Plenty to share, plenty to eat, plenty more to come.

abigail's streetThere are also a couple of great options that get ordered every time…the lamb sliders, the chorizo stuffed dates, the meatballs, the fattoush, etc.  All come highly recommended.  But if you don’t do the ricotta and local honey and mussels, don’t talk to me.

abigail's streetAgain, this is my most favorite little restaurant and it can be a little unassuming located right next to The Senate with no big signage, but you must head down there with some friends and work your way through the menu.  You will not be disappointed.

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