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File this one under things I’ve known and talked about for years that I’m just now getting around to trying.

Seriously. It was easily more than two years ago that my friend Megan told me all about 20 Brix and for some reason, I just never made it there, even though I always threw it out as an option. And now that I’ve been just once, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I’ve been seriously missing out.

Located at the very beginning (or maybe the very end?) of Main Street in Milford, this spot lives up to its incredible reputation as a seriously cool wine bar featuring Americana dishes with seasonal and mediterranean touches. While they have a strong array of entree options, they also offer an impressive number of shareable, tapas-style dishes, so I was basically in heaven.

20 Brix brussel sproutsAfter studying the sharables hard, Kenny and I narrowed down a list of at least eight things that sounded awesome. I would have easily pulled the trigger on them all, but we decided to be a bit more modest and just try two. (I’d be lying if I didn’t share that I was already planning for a dessert stop at Graeter’s.) Therefore, the ultimate decision ended up being fried brussels sprouts and bacon stuffed apricots.

The fried brussels sprouts were ridiculous, with lime, pickled onion, and sesame honey mustard. The mustard is what absolutely got me. Swiping up a crunchy brussels sprout, which is already subtly bitter, with the tanginess of the mustard, was a seriously serious bite. I am such a fan of brussels sprouts when done insanely well, which I know involves an extremely long cooking process, as well as a lot of butter, but there is nothing better. I’ve had great ones before and these too are a must order.

20 Brix bacon-wrapped apricotThen there was the bacon stuffed apricots. I’ve never had a bacon wrapped date that I didn’t like, so it was no surprise that this version was just as satisfying. The sweetness of the fruit, with the fatty and saltiness of the bacon, was pretty sinful. Served with a fregola salad and sweet syrup, it was rich without being heavy, which made for a perfectly killer little starter and sharer.

20 Brix shrimp and gritsAs far as entrees goes, I went with the shrimp and grits. When I saw the option and squealed with delight, Kenny said he would have bet anything that that would have been my pick. Well, obviously.

It is considered one of their signatures and I can see why. The shrimp, sausage, and green chili sofrito are all not surprisingly delicious, but it is really the goat cheese grits that take the cake. That is the flavor that’s surprising, and that is the kind of twist you’d be looking for when improving on a classic. I would have licked my skillet clean had I not been been carving out room for some hazelnut gelato…

20 Brix burgerKenny was running the gamut when it came to his ultimate entree choice, but after the back and forth, he settled on the burger, another signature staple. He reports that is was very delicious and that the port cheddar cheese was probably the best part. This note is important because he’s one of those that doesn’t care to add or have cheese unless you can really taste it. I on the other hand? Always a go. But regardless, it was a higher-end burger that really hit the spot, he said.

So if you’ve been to 20 Brix before, you’ve been nodding along this whole time. If you haven’t, then you definitely need to carve out time for a trip. I myself, am mad that it has taken me this long to check it out, but I cannot wait to make it a regular treat.

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