old ducks new tricks

I can’t help but look at these pictures and remember what it was like to button my jeans. Now, that’s just a thing of my past.

The sweater featured here is also somewhat a thing of my past, just not in the same sense. I am pretty sure every girl and their mother owns this J.Crew Charley sweater, as we all should. I’ve had a camel one for years that has never fallen out of rotation. There’s also the slew of colorful cotton Factory versions that have found their way into my collection. You can never have too many because they’re the perfect layering sweater.

For this one though, I made a conscious decision. While it was the only size left on the sale rack, I wanted it big. My other versions are fitted in all the right ways, for all the right reasons, but I was in the mood for something baggier, and not just because baggier is now a necessity. I wanted something that hung more casually, that could be layered with more breathing room, that could feel almost like a sweatshirt. A size or two up bought me preference and mileage. I’ll take it.

hunter green hunter green sweater J.Crew sweaterJ.Crew sweater (same color, different sweater or same sweater, different color) and tank | Paige denim | Toms wedges | Kate Spade bag | Karen Walker sunnies

images by Annie Jagoditz

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