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Love California. Love Napa Valley.

I have had the awesome good fortune to make not one, but two trips out to the west coast this past year. Back in July, Kenny and I spent about ten days touring San Fran, Monterey, Yosemite, and Sonoma for our anniversary, and it was a total dream. And then just last week, we spent a long weekend in Napa with Kenny’s executive team celebrating some recent and impressive successes of theirs. Both trips were of course amazing, but this last one really cemented how much I love getting out to California. Yes, this one was all about wine (and I really learned so much!) but I sincerely look forward to all the Cali trips to come – visits with the kids to explore the woods, visits with friends back to wine country to enjoy the culture, visits to the coast with anyone who wants to come with to take in the Pacific sea winds… Check, check, check, down for it all.

But now what brings me here is the fact that I want to treat this post as not only a photo dump and digital scrapbook time capsule of this recent visit, but also stick to my goal of always putting the OUTFIT in OUT + OUTFIT by linking up some outfit deets.

I stuck to my normal muted neutral tones – creams, blacks, olives – and layered myself up. I went with a maxi dress one night, and layered with a crewneck once it got chilly. For the first full day, it was a midi skirt, tank, denim jacket worn over the shoulder, and sneaks (per usual). Then for the second and final full day, it was a flouncier dress pretty much on its own, but with these kicks yet same denim jacket as needed.

All in all, and much like California itself, the outfit vibes were casual yet considerate, dressed up while being dressed down. And again again, I dug the looks as much as I dig the whole dang state. Can’t wait to see you again Cali.

Now please enjoy the snapshot rundown (and know each spot is labeled and linked below!).

The Cottage at Promise Wine

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