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I am really excited to share this one.

Recently I’ve been introduced to M+P, a personal styling boutique located in Madeira. M+P’s concept is unlike any other that I am familiar with in this city because it is basically whatever you want it or need it to be. Owner Paula Fessler – who personally exudes the most effortless style – has created this business based purely on her own love and experience in all things fashion. Looking for a new way to style what is already in your closet? Call Paula. Looking to try a new and unique piece that you may otherwise not have thought of? Call Paula. Looking for someone to personally style you and order pieces specifically for you? Call Paula. Looking to shop a small boutique, with a limited number of brands and designers not typically known or accessible, in order to find something special? Call Paula. Seriously, just call Paula.

I was able to visit M+P one sunny Saturday morning where Paula and I talked all things style and fashion. That alone was exciting and invigorating because it got me thinking about what and why I like to get dressed. And I know my style has evolved into something more solid and staple, casual yet comfortable, and yet I had fun thinking about ways in which I can find my own musings amongst what she had, while also thinking about ways in which I could get more creative. The ideas were just coming together all from simply hanging out with Paula. It was honestly that easy and cool.

In the end I walked out with an amazing sweater, one that seems simple yet it is so so not. It is soft and cozy, yet it holds its unique shape with the slightest mock neck collar and longer sleeves. I’ve already worn this one multiple times and I love that it doesn’t stretch or slouch or scrunch, which is the clearest testament to its quality. It really is solid and special.

Again, what Paula is setting out to do with M+P is awesome. She is into it purely out of passion, and you can tell that she is just so down with style. So if you are looking for some help, some consideration, some creativity, or someone and something new, you need to make a point to check out M+P. Her open hours are limited (just Tuesday and Thursday from 11-3, and Saturday from 10-2) but you can also contact for an appointment, which I think I’d honestly recommend. That kind of time and attention will be well worth it, I am sure.

sweater c/o M+P | Mother denim | (old) Aldo mules (not really at all the same but dang these are fun) | bag from Anthropologie | Karen Walker sunnies (similar)

images by Annie Jagoditz

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