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Did you guys know I went to Miami a few weekends ago? Do you want to relive it one more time? Good, me too!

Now I have no plans to make this any sort of guide. For one, I didn’t make any official decisions so I deserve zero credit. All I did was say hey Brittany and Morgan, do you guys want to go to Miami? and next thing I know we had flights, hotel, and dinner reservations booked. And it was awesome.

However, I do want to make sure this is a quick composite of all the major highlights. And there are a lot because there wasn’t a single solitary minute that was dumb. Not one second. Everything about this trip was amazing.

So let’s get into it.

First, we checked into The Confidante, per Morgan’s great recommendation. This hotel was on the beach, just a twenty-minute walk north of the South Beach area, and was totally perfect, if nothing else but for the amazing color and decor. It was just plain fun to be there.

And with The Confidante came lots of the beach lounging, which we did. All three days. For the better part of each day. All the praise hands.

Now one lunch notable mention goes to Plnthouse at 1 Hotel South Beach. For one, it was yummy. For two, it was so nice. And for three, the 1 Hotel is what I’ll be dreaming about until I am able to maybe stay there one day. It was so nice. Gorgeous. And everyone there was handsome. I was in love.

The other good lunch was Taquiza, another great lead thanks to Morgan. This was a super tiny, super authentic taco joint, serving up nothing but blue corn tortillas and simple (but simply delicious) tacos. Such a great spot.

Next to brag about are the happy hour appetizer stops. First, Mandolin. We had plans to lunch there, but opted instead for the beach, but we did make it out there before dinner one night. However next trip, I am devoting an entire evening to the place. It was so good, so cool, so european. Must spend many hours there. Must.

But then another spot that deserves some serious love is The Broken Shaker. This too came highly recommended and was something we knew to make a point to stop at. Again, we did so briefly before a big dinner, but next time, imma post up for hours and hours on end. Just really sweet.

Brittany took the lead on securing all the dinner rezs and girl did her homework. No disappoints. First night was La Mar by Gaston Acurio at the Mandarin Hotel. Here we posted up, ordered all the ceviche, and had ourselves a great little Peruvian Miami introduction. And quite the welcome it was.

The second night was to Micheal’s Genuine Food + Drink, which is on all the lists of places to check out in Miami. Here we went all in with a whole fish, and yet all I can remember is the great snacking and sharing while doing some good gabbing, hence there being only one pic. But it was definitely good.

Our grand finale was Chotto Matte, which was absolutely and wildly cool. Here we did all the sashimi and sweets and just lingered amidst the gorgeous open center. It really was a sight to behold.

In the end, and as they all usually are, this was a trip for the books, one that was much needed and one that will stand as a really good time, a really bright spot for me and the two great babes I got to share it with.

Until next, Miami! (And there will definitely be a next time.)

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