matching set

Last year, Maura tried to get me into a matching sweater set and I wasn’t ready. I have no idea what was wrong with me then because this kind of look is so.dang.great.

I am literally obsessed with this Monrow set I picked up last week during Mariemont Strand’s Shop and Sip event (which was also so.dang.great!). I love everything about it. The whole matching look head-to-toe, the ways it can go dressy and casual, the fact that each piece also works wonderfully as a separate – I mean, there is nothing not to love. Consider me all in.

I ultimately styled it with these sneakers, as well as these (which I scored during the Fall Style event!), and then pulled out some oldie but goodie heels for some va-va-voom. I also rocked my dual functioning Baqette bag (which I also scored during the Shop and Sip event!) with its one side pink leather and other side deep olive suede. There was also the denim two ways (jacket then jeans), as well as this pendant I also picked up during the Shopbop sale.

Again, so many options and such versatility with a look like this. So silly of me to wait a year before getting in on this trend.

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