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knit scarf and striped topI feel bad.  But then again, I don’t.  But I’ve come to realize that when I travel, I am more interested in what I can eat and drink than checking out pretty much anything else.  I especially recognized this after traveling Europe this summer.  The statue of David in Florence?  Uh huh, sure, maybe, oh look!  Hole-in-the-wall restaurant, down a side alley, serving black truffle pasta!  I want to go to there…    

So it’s no surprise that one of the best things we did in NYC a few weekends ago was eat at ‘inoteca in the lower east side.  It was unreal.  Their menu changes often but that night their special was a mussel pasta entree, so that was easy.  We also ordered a trio of brushette and none were disappointing.  The star though was the paté.  Kenny was all like, have you ever had paté?   And I was like yeah hello, DK (my dad, Dale Klein) has been keepin’ me cultured since 1996.  It was awesome.  We also had wine.  Lots of wine.DSCF1129fodies in NYCThe following night we bounced around from bar to bar and ended up a place that was able to get us in right away (no idea as to the name).  It was good but I have to share that we ordered pickles as an appetizer.  They were only five bucks and being in the big city, we figured that meant we were getting maybe two gherkins.  But this pot arrived and we could not get over it.  I mean, they were good, but you have to really like pickles to basically crush a jar between two people as an appetizer.  I mean seriously.

foodies in NYC

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