lagos from richter & phillips

I want to follow yesterday’s post by highlighting the amazing jewelry I was sporting from Richter & Phillips.

As Cincinnati and tristate natives know, Richter & Phillips is THE destination for serious jewelry. They are the family-owned business empire to seek out when in search of a meaningful statement piece, whether it be the ultimate achievement of a Rolex, an especially meaningful ring, bling, or necklace for a holiday gift or occasion, or the exciting commitment and endeavor that is wedding rings and bands.

With that, I had an opportunity to be introduced to one of their newest and most popularly growing fine jewelry lines, LAGOS. The LAGOS pieces shine in their use of mix metals and textures, layers and links. I found myself being drawn to nearly every ring in the LAGOS collection because they exuded a sense of statement without being over the top. I loved each one on its own, while also being paired with one another. I could really see myself wanting to grow a collection here.

Then in the same vain, I couldn’t help but love the bracelet sets, in particular, the Signature Caviar set. The mix of size, thickness, and detail created the right kind of arm party that I could get used to. And just like the rings, I could easily imagine wearing each separate, or doubled up, or as trio again and again.

So while I’ve often likened Richter & Phillips to really only being a place where engagements rings are king, having the opportunity to seek out some of these kinds of everyday pieces opened a whole new world to me. That, plus their new space on the opposite corner from their old, a space that is bigger and better than before, has further cemented my admiration for the 100+ year old establishment.

LAGOS Infinity Gold Beaded X ring and Caviar Spark diamond ring and Signature Caviar bracelet set all found at Richter & Phillips

images by Annie Jagodtiz

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